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Breakfree: Forget Cancer is a day of celebration and facing forward through the battle against. It is a day for patients, caregivers and supporters to come together as a community and for those brief hours of the event just live in the moment and remember to have fun despite all the struggles. We plan activities like antakshari, stand up comedy, dancing, tambola, music, food and art throughout the day and welcome anyone from our extended cancer community.

Breakfree events were initiated by Tanisa at Medanta hospital. Today, we are continuing her work and planning them with the spirit and energy she brought to each of her events. So far we have held three of these events with the support of Medanta hospital.



Smiley kits are our way to show Cancer patients that they are loved and cared for. We want to make their everyday struggles a little bit easier. With that intentions the kits contain:


  1. Cloth Bag: After cancer patients undergo surgery, drains are put in their body to suck out extra fluid collected in their body. Our lightweight custom designed shoulder bags are ideal to comfortably hold and carry these drains .

  2. Bandana / Scarf : Chemotherapy leads to hair loss. These bandanas or scarves are for cancer patients to feel comfortable, cope with hair loss and maybe even find a new chic look.

  3. Smiley ball : After surgery we need to exercise, that includes hand movements. This smiley ball helps post-surgery patients to exercise. They are also good stress busters!

  4. Earrings : A pair of earrings to make them feel loved and adored. 

These kits will be distributed to patients from economically weaker sections.

Smiley Kits



Hair loss during cancer treatment can be an emotional and difficult step in recovery. Our hair donation drives are aimed at making the struggle a little easier by providing quality checked, real-hair wigs for patients experiencing hair loss. Anyone can donate as long as the following steps are followed: 

  • Grow your hair: Ideal length of the hair is 12-14 inches. Shorter hair of minimum 10 inches can be donated. Coloured hair can also be donated.

  • Wash and dry your hair. After you wash your hair, don’t use any hair products. Hair that’s donated must be completely dry before it is packed and sent.

  • Prepare for the cut. Bring a ruler, hair tie, and a resealable plastic bag/ziplock.

  • The cut: After washing and drying your hair, tie a rubber band right below the level you want to cut at. Measure and check the length of your hair from the rubber band. If you have a lot of volume you can even plait your hair. Cut the pony tail/ plait and put it in a ziplock.

  • Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions. 


We directly send the hair to our wig manufacturer.


It is estimated that 70% of Cancer patients in India are detected in advanced stages of the disease, leading to a high mortality rate. Many cancers are treatable if they are detected early.


Our Cancer screening drives are for people who cannot otherwise afford regular health check ups. We set up screening camps around Delhi and NCR in association with hospitals to offer health check-ups that look for early signs of cancerous or precancerous conditions before any symptoms appear. 


Our awareness program helps people recognise early signs of cancer and remove the stigma and fear attached to it.



Nutrition plays an important role not only in combating the disease but also reducing complex long term health issues, making quality of life better for the patient. Proper nutrition gives physical and emotional strength to fight Cancer.


Nutrition helps intensive cancer  treatment go smoothly and builds up better immunity to fight the disease.


Our nutrition programme is customised for every patient based on their medical history and treatment they are undergoing and in consultation with doctors.

Hair Donation
Cancer Screening Drives
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