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Smiley kits are our way to show Cancer patients that they are loved and cared for. We want to make their everyday struggles a little bit easier. With that intentions the kits contain:


  1. Cloth Bag: After cancer patients undergo surgery, drains are put in their body to suck out extra fluid collected in their body. Our lightweight custom designed shoulder bags are ideal to comfortably hold and carry these drains .

  2. Bandana / Scarf : Chemotherapy leads to hair loss. These bandanas or scarves are for cancer patients to feel comfortable, cope with hair loss and maybe even find a new chic look.

  3. Smiley ball : After surgery we need to exercise, that includes hand movements. This smiley ball helps post-surgery patients to exercise. They are also good stress busters!

  4. Earrings : A pair of earrings to make them feel loved and adored. 

These kits will be distributed to patients from economically weaker sections.


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